Monday, October 30, 2006


Gizmo M*
1991 - 1992

She was a great little kittycat. She was given to me by my brother, who rescued her and her sibs from being destroyed. She was just over 4 weeks old when I got her, and she used to ride around in my shirt pocket or on my shoulder, tucked under my hair. "Gremlins" was a popular movie with my kids around that time; as a kitten, her ears were disproportionately large, so she was named after the Mogwai. There was a large "lightning bolt" of white fur running from her neck to her tummy, and she had 4 white stockings, all different sizes and shapes.

She was very clever and learned to open the screen door on my 8' doorwall all by herself, when I was dopey and forgot to latch it. In the attitude department, I think that look says it all. She was a fierce hunter, but still the best of snuggle-kittens. I cried for weeks when she got killed by a car, and I miss her still.

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