Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas

"Some Mistletoe For You"
Louis Wain

The following is, of course, not really a Christmas song, but the sentiment is perfect for the season - particularly after the year we've had. While visions of sugarplums dance in your heads, may your dreams bring you peace and renewal.


Ted Koehler, Billy Moll, Harry Barris

What price happiness,
What price happiness?
Who can truthfully say?
But for every share, with tears we pay.

Love is happiness -
I've had happiness,
But it ended one day.
Now I look at life a different way.

When skies are cloudy and grey
They're only grey for a day -
So wrap your troubles in dreams
And dream your troubles away.

Until that sunshine peeps through
There's only one thing to do:
Just wrap your troubles in dreams
And dream all your troubles away.

Your castles may tumble, that's fate after all
Life's really funny that way.
No use to grumble, just smile as they fall -
Weren't you king for a day?

Just remember that sunshine
Always follows the rain.
So wrap your troubles in dreams
And dream your troubles away.

Video from a very silly Mack Sennett short, but the only one I could find with Bing. He recorded this song 4 times in his career, so he must have enjoyed singing it as much as I enjoy hearing him.

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