Sunday, January 04, 2009

More Video

I know I'm doing practically nothing but video - still, I had to put this one up. The incomparable Teddy Wilson & the Dutch Swing College, 1976, doing the Gershwins' Lady Be Good. Check YouTube for more on Teddy & Teddy/DSC; they have lots of wonderful stuff there.

One more: My favorite Swing/Big Band, that of Count Basie, doing Corner Pocket, a real favorite number of mine (1962):

How could anyone not love that?

UPDATE: Another reason to love Basie:


Trombonology said...

That "Lady" really boogies; great stuff. As I've been making my way through the mid '40's (in the CD collection) these last several days, I've heard a lot of 'ol Teddy. A class act.

'tube recommended that "Corner Pocket" to me, but I, having assumed it was the studio take from the "April in Paris" album, hadn't clicked on it til now. Guess the lead photo didn't lie. Very groovy song by Basie guitarist (and Gretsch slinger) Freddie Green. Always makes me think of you, incidentally.

iamfelix said...

I want to enroll in the Dutch Swing College. I might even graduate there! I think that's one of my fave versions of "Lady" evah.

I've played "Pocket" about 50X now -- Geez, I love that song. I remember seeing Basie on TV in that era, and I always loved his little smiley face (not to mention his music). When he showed up in the desert in "Blazing Saddles" a decade or so later, I loved him all the more!