Saturday, January 03, 2009

My Sister Is Funny

I was emailing back-and-forth with my sis (mentioned in the post below), and I asked her if she'd seen the pic of the shirtless PE Obambi that was sending the press into such paroxysms of ecstasy -- see The Anchoress for a good roundup. She said she had, and that all she could think of was a Ren & Stimpy episode entitled Ren's Pecs, where, according to Nickelodeon:

After being tired of being pushed around on the beach one too many times. Ren's dream of having huge muscles comes true, after Stimpy makes a personal sacrifice (the fat in his butt!)

I had missed this gem, so I had to look around the Web for it. Apparently, after the operation, Ren goes off to Hollywood and Stimpy is lonely and sings this song:

I wonder if Obambi used butt-fat? If so, whose?

Totally unrelated, other than it came from the same conversation: A video of Joe Venuti, my favorite Jazz violinist, playing Sweet Georgia Brown (Italy, 1974). Joe was not only a consummate musician, but a tireless prankster, and the stories were legend. From the link:

Did Venuti really get a piano pushed out of a hotel window and make a bet on what pitch it would sound when it hit the ground? When a saxophone player’s tapping foot bugged him, did he really nail the guy’s shoe to the bandstand? While on a live TV show sponsored by a hair cream, did Venuti show his bald spot and remark that’s what the product had done for him? Did he actually send Wingy Manone, the one-armed trumpeter, a single cuff link as a Christmas present one year?

The great thing about scat-singing is that it does not require translation from the original Italian. Joe was quite a handsome devil in his youth:

Sort of youthful Ray Milland, pre-Lost Weekend. Hubba hubba!


Trombonology said...

Politics (sort of) ... Crude cartoons ... Jazz ... Yeah, it works!

Wish I could jump around inside one of my own posts so gracefully.

Joe "Hubba" didn't really have the appearance of a prankster, did he?

iamfelix said...

I don't know how graceful it is, but it's the way my mind ... works?

"Hubba" looked quite the gent -- don't you think he looked like Milland?

Trombonology said...

Very much so. I'll bet Joe played hotter fiddle, though.

Lilo said...

This has nothing to do with your post, except that your mention of Ren and Stimpy reminded me of the nipples episode- in which they attempt to sell nipples door to door. The best line- which forgive me for not remembering perfectly, goes something like:

i have a dream, that one day everyone, everywhere will know the wonders of my nipples.

Immature, but I still laugh thinking of it.


iamfelix said...

LOL Lilo! You gave me the best laugh of the day - no reason to be sorry! :-)