Thursday, January 08, 2009

More Basie Worship

I may just go on forever, posting all the songs I looooove.

The Count Basie Orchestra, In A Mellotone:

I'm sure Trombonology would agree that's some hot trombone-ing. For another great version of this tune, see this CD:

Stuff Smith - Dizzy Gillespie - Oscar Peterson (the whole CD is a keeper)

Now that I've mentioned Stuff, I need Stuff stuff:

The tune is Bugle Call Blues. He has a completely different style than Venuti (mentioned below), but I admire them both immensely.

Back to Basie - With Oscar Peterson, Slow Blues:

Piano heaven! One commenter at YouTube says, simply, "Elegant." And how.

One more Basie-Peterson, doing one of the Basie Band's signature numbers, Jumpin' At The Woodside.

Finally, from the 1955 movie Rhythm and Blues Review, the Basie Band and One O'clock Jump:

Basie Worship Part 1 here.


Joan of Argghh! said...

Well, music is the most thoughtful thing around, isn't it?


iamfelix said...

:-) With the exception of Rap, methinks.

Trombonology said...

Indeed, hot sliding and plunging. Wish I knew who the "kid" is.

Great Stuff, too ... and Basie's "Jump" with Buddy DeFranco, Wardell Gray, Clark Terry front line.