Saturday, January 17, 2009

Two New Things

First thing: Breitbart's Big Hollywood, a conservative look at entertainment, media and politics. Started two weeks ago, it's a good read made only better by this week's addition of Iowahawk as one of their commenters, here with Mark Your Time, Hu-Mans! -- Subhead: Special Guest Commentary by Waxulon-6, Lord High Admiral of the Kremulakian Earth Invaders, The Being Formerly Known as Congressman Henry Waxman (D-CA), complete with the most hideous pic of Rep. Waxman I've yet seen (and that's saying something).

Second thing: I meant to write something about last week's 2008 Weblog Awards, but never found the time. There were some interesting contests, probably the most being the upset in the Best Conservative Blog category, where the self-proclaimed Grim Rodents of Canuckistan trumped the Death Card (fine and funny blogs, both). As usual, the act of voting brought to my attention some things I might not have found otherwise, at least not as soon. My favorite was The Black Sphere, in the Best New Blog category. I usually only vote for blogs I've already been reading through the year, but clicked on this one out of curiosity and read enough to be happy to give it my vote. Good writing and some spew-inducingly funny photoshops. Sphere did not win the category, but I have a feeling it will be a strong contender in the Best Conservative or another category the future. Go -- Read -- Make it so!

UPDATE: Christopher Taylor at Word Around the Net blog has a nice writeup on Big Hollywood.

I wanted to give a plug for this blog because it gives a little different perspective on Hollywood and says things that you won't generally get on celebrity and movie sites. For example I like the Movie Blog, but it is violently anti-Bush and far left. It also is preening and supportive of Hollywood to get contacts and keep their status up for scoops and attention - and the originator of the Move Blog is a budding director. It's like schmoozing, you act like you like people, avoid the things they don't like, and they might be nice to you. Big Hollywood doesn't do that. It isn't deliberately offensive or confrontational, it just doesn't avoid the things that the powers in Hollywood want avoided.

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