Saturday, December 09, 2006

White Christmas

I love this!

Link to a flash animation (created by Joshua Held in 2002) set to The Drifters' 1955 version of Irving Berlin's "White Christmas."

UPDATE 12-16-06: The link above has become hard to get connected to, probably because of overwhelming traffic. Here is another link, that I found at this website.

UPDATE 12-17-06: For those who would like to save a copy of this animation, here is a link to a page that shows how to do it (with some browsers and operating systems). I'm fairly computer illiterate, and had no trouble following and saving using IE.

UPDATE 12-23-08: The links above seem to go up and down a lot at this time of the year. There is a YouTube version, found here. If you'd like me to email you a .swf file of it, send me an email at this address: iamfelix(at)yahoo(dot)com.


Formerly Fooled said...

I did a google search for the Held animated flash version of the Drifters White Christmas and was plesantly surprised to find it here on such a wonderful and thoughtful blog!

Merry Christmas & Thanks!

iamfelix said...

What a lovely compliment - Thank you!