Saturday, November 18, 2006

A Great Song For A Saturday

Or any other day.

Duke Ellington & His Orchestra

In A Mellotone


This nifty Ellington poster (c. 1933) is available at

Ellington and fans, backstage at the Graystone (date unknown).

I just noticed that Allposters (and scores of other sites from a Google search) mis-attributes the Graystone Ballroom (demolished in 1980) as being in NYC. As is shown on the bottom of the poster, it was on Woodward at Canfield, in Detroit, MI. Everyone has forgotten that Detroit was once very hotcha. :-(

The Graystone Ballroom, exterior (date unknown).

The Graystone Ballroom, interior (date unknown).

When Detroit Danced to the Big Bands - at the Detroit News, pix of the Graystone and other venues.

Stompin' at the Graystone: Jazz in Detroit 1917-1940 - at the Internet Public Library.

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Trombonology said...

Felix, IN A MELLOTONE is indeed a great song for every day!

I really enjoyed the Stompin' at the Graystone piece -- particularly the references to the mighty McKinney's Cotton Pickers and Jean Goldkette Orchestra, both of which figured very prominently in the Detroit jazz scene of the late '20's.