Sunday, November 19, 2006


Personality - Johnny Mercer and The Pied Pipers

Johnny Burke, James Van Heusen
For the film ROAD TO UTOPIA

When Madam Pompadour was on a ballroom floor
Said all the gentlemen "Obviously, "
"The madam has the cutest … personality."

And think of all the books about Du Barry's looks
What was it made her the toast of Paree?
She had a well-developed … personality.

What did Romeo see in Juliet?
Or Pierrot in Pierrette?
Or Jupiter in Juno? You know!

And when Salome danced and had the boys entranced,
No doubt it must have been easy to see
That she knew how to use her … personality .

A girl can learn to spell and take dictation well
And never sit on the boss's settee,
Unless she's got a perfect … personality.

A girl can get somewhere in spite of stringy hair
Or even just a bit bowed at the knee,
If she can show a faultless … personality.

Why are certain girls offered certain things
Like sable coats and wedding rings?
By men who wear their spats right? (That's right!)

So don'tcha say I'm smart and have the kindest heart
Or what a wonderful sister I'd be:
Just tell me how you like my … personality.

Baby, you've got the cutest … personality!

Salome Dancing Before Herod (detail)
Gustave Moreau 1876

1 comment:

Trombonology said...

June: Just tell me how you like my ...

Johnny: Ruff!

Pied Pipers: ... personality!!

... and I love your illustrations!