Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Farewell, Mr. Rumsfeld

Found this at Innocent Bystanders. I'm really going to miss Rumsfeld - He's the only person (other than Reagan) whose press conferences I really enjoyed.

Then there are favorite Rummy quotes at Right Wing News:

Q: Do you expect it to be a total rout (in Afghanistan) -- the end of this will be..."
A: "I'm hopeful that some will surrender. I suspect some won't, and I suspect the result of that will be that the opposition forces will kill them."

Q: "Sir, there's a widespread perception in this town that when it comes to the Iraqis and the Palestinians, you are a hard-liner. Are you comfortable with that? (Laughter.) And --"
A: "Look at me! I'm sweet and lovable."

Q: "Secretary Rumsfeld, do you want to catch (Bin Laden) dead or alive or either way?"
A: "Well, the President's policy is dead or alive. And, you know, I have my preference..."

Go here to see them all.

Finally, there's "Rumsfeld Fighting Technique" at POE News.

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