Friday, August 29, 2008


I was stunned by this. I turned on the radio (Rush) as I was dashing about the house, getting ready for work. I heard a woman's voice talking about "my running mate" and was all ... "Huh???!? ... " I hadn't heard much of Palin's voice, but I was sure it was her. And, indeed, it was.

Frankly, I didn't think the old bastard had it in him to make this choice. Bully!

Also this - terrific - pic found at From the Maas:

And, as Stoaty Weasel puts it, "Okay, I'm in .... "

UPDATES: Nice Deb, with one of her great link-roundups.

Tim Blair: "McCain Chooses."

Doubleplusundead: "It's Palin."

UK Daily Mail: Some great pics.

Brief Palin bio: At the Anchorage Daily News.

Thomas Sowell: "Changes in Politics."

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Anonymous said...


What IS this world coming to?

(tsk tsk tsk)


(still think it ought to be the Palin/McCain ticket)