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Saturday, March 10, 2012

I Could Not Detest This Person More

bangs head repeatedly on desk ... I just can't stand it .,..  Breitbart gone, this vermin still extant. 

Thanks to Ace.

Friday, March 02, 2012


Andrew Breitbart, dead at age 43.

I'm too forlorn over his death to list all the reasons he was great.  My reaction was pretty much the same as Stoaty's.  He was in my area last week, at the "Michigan For Prosperity" rally, with some others I admire and I was too poor to go to see him. 

"Red Eye" tribute, via Ace.  There's a lot more there from cob-loggers and commenters.

Reason enough to love Breitbart, via his Wiki:

In the hours immediately following Senator Ted Kennedy's death, Breitbart called Kennedy a "villain", a "duplicitous bastard", a "prick"[13] and "a special pile of human excrement".

Breitbart's "Bigs":

      Big Hollywood

      Big Journalism

      Big Government

      Big Peace

R.I.P., Andrew.  Wishing all things good for his wife and children.

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Friday, May 21, 2010


This, this, this, this, THIS...

ought to be on the lips of every conservative in the country. (Should be on the lips of every American, but fat chance).

Bully! Rep. McClintock.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

While Sitting Here Minding My Own Business ...

someone is always emailing me, or writing something that causes me to dash off to dusty corners of the interwebs and look stuff up. Sometimes it's Stoaty Weasel, who is always "making" me buy books - like when she writes about stuff like The Great Boston Molasses Flood (excellent book on that here). And sometimes it's one of my siblings, who are nearly as weird as me.

In this case, a simple discussion between little sis & me about whether (1) we should catch a show by guitarist Laurence Juber and (2) at which venue (he'll be at 2 fairly local spots this coming May). Now, I'm the family no-talent, but with 3 sibs that are musical, we talk about this stuff a lot. To enlighten me, she sends me this video of Paul McCartney & Wings, with Juber as a side man (he's the one that's neither McCartney nor Denny Laine, if that's any help. I have no more-technical description to give - I are dense). I find the video exceedingly cute - especially Macca (as the British tabloids call him), who's just as handsome as his early Beatle years, 15+ years prior.

So, after I've survived the excruciatingly slow "download over dialup" and played it 1 or 2 (or 8 or 10) times (complete with samba-ing around the joint in my jammies), it occurs to me that McCartney (actually, the whole crew) looks just like the illustrations of Jazz Age illustrator John Held, Jr. Whose work I've always loved, but it occurs to me that I've never searched him out in the ether. So ... she's off! (but you knew that)

Some Held pix:

More Held info here and here.

That second link is where I found the map woodcut (which I'd never seen before) - the author of the article calls it a "denunciation of notable places and things. 'Americana', for example, is a denunciation of all of the stereotypical symbols of American culture."

I dunno. For somebody who (in this case) is allegedly depicting a distaste for "rum runners" and "bootleggers," he certainly made a tidy profit off the alcohol-fueled antics of the Jazz Age American sheiks and flappers - and made their behavior look darned attractive, overall. I hate it when I find something in my internet sifting that queers my liking of someone/something I previously held in good regard. I think I shall just take the words embedded in the western states at face value:

"If You Don't Like This Country Go Back Where You Came From"

Or, if you started out here, pick some spot you find more beguiling. Cuba, anyone? Iran?

So there.

Wain Wednesday 35

Annual 1908
Louis Wain

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Wain Wednesday 34

"Kittens Watching A Mousetrap"
Louis Wain

Monday, February 22, 2010

What He Said

It's amazing, thirty years gone and we're right back in the same spot (actually, a worse spot - things are even more grave than they were under Carter, IMHO).

When will we learn?

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wain Wednesday 33

"Every Dog Has His Day And Every Cat Her Two Afternoons"
Louis Wain

Friday, January 08, 2010

I Love This Guy

Thad McCotter, MI Congressman (R-11th District) - I hope he's on someone's short list as a VP candidate. Hell, I could take him in the top spot quite nicely.

On terrorism:

On Cap & Tax:

On health care and America's innovation revolution:

On Gitmo, Health Care and Posting Bills Online:

To get the House Republican Policy Committee's Pamphlet, We the People: Wide Awake for Our Newest Birth of Freedom, go here and fill out the form (link at the top of the right margin).

Thursday, January 07, 2010


Frozen Gore returns!

Be sure to check the videos - LOL.

Stoaty Weasel on gorebal worming in Jolly Olde.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Fight Global Warming!

Make your own snowflakes!

Need a Snow Day?

A pretty fun timewaster, actually (click pic for link).

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas

"Some Mistletoe For You"
Louis Wain

The following is, of course, not really a Christmas song, but the sentiment is perfect for the season - particularly after the year we've had. While visions of sugarplums dance in your heads, may your dreams bring you peace and renewal.


Ted Koehler, Billy Moll, Harry Barris

What price happiness,
What price happiness?
Who can truthfully say?
But for every share, with tears we pay.

Love is happiness -
I've had happiness,
But it ended one day.
Now I look at life a different way.

When skies are cloudy and grey
They're only grey for a day -
So wrap your troubles in dreams
And dream your troubles away.

Until that sunshine peeps through
There's only one thing to do:
Just wrap your troubles in dreams
And dream all your troubles away.

Your castles may tumble, that's fate after all
Life's really funny that way.
No use to grumble, just smile as they fall -
Weren't you king for a day?

Just remember that sunshine
Always follows the rain.
So wrap your troubles in dreams
And dream your troubles away.

Video from a very silly Mack Sennett short, but the only one I could find with Bing. He recorded this song 4 times in his career, so he must have enjoyed singing it as much as I enjoy hearing him.