Monday, October 12, 2009

This Post

is for my sister ... and only she knows why!!!

Hot Jazz Band - Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus
Andy Razaf, Leon Berry 1936

Mister Christopher Columbus
Sailed the sea without a compass.
When his men began a rumpus
Up spoke Christopher Columbus:

"There is land somewhere
Until we get there,
We will not go wrong,
If we sing a swing song.

Since the world is round,
We'll be safe and sound,
Til our goal is found,
We'll just keep rhythm bound."

Soon the crew was makin' merry
Then came a yell, "Let's drink to Isabelle,
Hum, bring the rum, Ho Hum."

No more mu-tin-y,
What a time at sea,
With di-plo-macy
Christy made his-to-ry.

Mister Christopher Columbus
He used rhythm as a compass.
Music ended all the rumpus,
Wise old Christopher Columbus.

Happy Columbus Day!


Trombonology said...

Yes, she does! She must say that she prefers the swinging Razaf account (abetted by Chu Berry's catchy melody) to the sterile version to which she gave voice in 2nd grade: "Then he went eastward and founded Isabela on the north coast of Hispaniola. ... This was the first European." Maybe the voice was the problem.

Marvelous! ... You'll never forget, will you?

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