Saturday, December 27, 2008

The 12 Days Of Global Warming

UPDATE: I Talk To The Trees (but they don't listen to me) Edition: Come on, somebody try to convince me that these people aren't stark raving mad....

It's not too late for a little Ho-Ho-Ho:

Put together by the blog Minnesotans For Global Warming, found via The Enlightened Redneck.

Tim Blair says, "Stop doing everything." I love the caption under the picture.

LATER: Gabe Malor has a post at AoSHQ, 2008 Was the Beginning of the End for the Global Warming Hoax. He writes:

Back in July, I wrote "I suspect that we’ll look back on this year as the tipping point when the theory of anthropogenic global warming begins to go the way of the dodo." Now that the year is almost over, it's nice to see I'm not alone in that assessment.

Check the links, as they tell the full story (a prior post by Malor, the UK Telegraph and Powerline blog). The comments are also good -- My favorite:

Having no life, one rainy day I actually read the IPCC report summary, itself a hefty document. Guess what? There never was scientific consensus, only political consensus. The written conventions of the document explain as much. Whenever there is a statement to be made about warming, they use phrases like, "likely to cause", "probably caused", "is unlikely" and the phrase used is the result of a) a review of the literature and b) the various parties to the report then wrangling over the proper phrase to use. So, the science is reviewed and a bunch of bureaucrats then wrestle over the most acceptable way to phrase a statement and when they reach agreement, consensus is achieved. The underlying science hasn't changed and if 49 studies say we're not warming and 51 say we do and the bureaucrats finally agree to say that we are "possibly" boiling fish where they swim in the Arctic, then that is what the rat-bastard, panic-inducing, crisis-of-the-moment media report as being scientific consensus. I hope a polar bear eats their asses.

Posted by: DaveyNC at December 28, 2008 10:00 AM

I hope they're right, but I don't see the warmies giving up on it easily. It's religion for people who feel a need for something, but don't like God. It has penances, indulgences, dispensation, a structured belief-system and Apocalypse! It orders their disordered lives.

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