Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I Love Tim Blair

Found this here:

More Blair goodness. We're still having some global warmening snow here in MI.

UPDATE: Meant to mention this, didn't want to make a whole new post: Gabe Malor prompts morons to post Thanksgiving recipes ??? at AoSHQ, and they sound excellent! (well, except the hobo stuff).

And one other highly important thing: The Weasel has landed! (See comments) The USA is down one weasel ... and one kitteh, who almost loused up the whole transfer. Best wishes for both of them (and Uncle B) in this new adventure.

AND ONE MORE THING: Heard on WJR this morning: A "virtual caravan" to support the actual caravan to Washington of the Big 3 movers and shakers. This website is to be up and running on Monday, 1 December, for interested parties.

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