Monday, December 04, 2006

Sad Day

Today Laurence Simon, of This Blog Is Full Of Crap, lost his little kitty Piper. She had one of the most expressive faces and forms of any cat I've ever seen (which is saying a lot, as cats are all molto espressivo). His insightful writing on the ways of his kitties (including St. Edloe, the Grumpus, who left a while back) always makes for fascinating reading. And his catcams and great still shots are wonderful. Piper was the tiny one of his current three, and always reminded me of something my sister said to my mom as a little tot: "You may be small, Mom, but you sure are a lot of it." And she was. And so was Piper. To get details and express condolences, go here. RIP, Pipey.

UPDATE 12-10-06: From all over the web, expressions of condolence for the Simon family and moving writing about what our kitty friends mean in our lives.

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TBIFOC - My first cat, my first catcam (a baby picture of Piper)


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Trombonology said...

What a dear face. What a sweet tribute.