Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I Can Die Happy

I'm on iowahawk! Hey, I'm unemployed & don't have much to live for.

My submission letter:

Having endless respect (okay, slavish worship) for the talent that is Burge, as well as life-long love of all things Gilbert & Sullivan (particularly The Mikado), I imagine the noble iowhawk as the humane Mikado himself. Who else in the the blogosphere could be described thus?

A more humane Mikado never
Did in Japan exist,
To nobody second,
I'm certainly reckoned
A true philanthropist.
It is my very humane endeavour
To make, to some extent,
Each evil liver
A running river
Of harmless merriment.

My object all sublime
I shall achieve in time —
To let the punishment fit the crime —
The punishment fit the crime;
And make each prisoner pent
Unwillingly represent
A source of innocent merriment!
Of innocent merriment!

(more here and here)

No one, that's who. And he's saving Teh Arts - A true philanthropist! Bow! Bow! to iowahawk!

Your humble servant,


Check out how the program started here and here.

From the 1982 Stratford Festival, The Humane Mikado:


S. Weasel said...

Well done, Felix! Nice 'shopping. I snorted when I saw the byline.

(But, like Christopher Taylor, I still think entry #1, Racist Pixel, is going to get my vote).

Carin said...

Excellent! Funny stuff over there. Iowahawk inspires some serious funny in people.

iamfelix said...

Thanks, Carin! :-)

iamfelix said...

S'Weas, that 'shop was easy - Just paste the head on & posterize a bit to disguise the different quality/grain of the photos. I had one I messed with for quite a while that was from a poster from a recent college production (drawn) that I liked better, but I figured if someone saw it, I might get sued. The photo I went with was from the G&S site, from 1895 - that guy's dead, or at least the only person on the planet I could reliably outrun. The only time I ever got any "artistic" recognition was for a poster contest in 7th grade - for (wait for it) .. a poster I drew for the high school production of ... The Mikado! Hence my fetish. Oddly enought, I checked the inflation calculator for the value of my $5.00 prize, and the result was:

What cost $5.00 in 1965 would cost $33.78 in 2008.

Burge is right on target with $33.18!

I like the pixel, but am more in tune with the realistic* than the conceptual, so I'll be voting for you. Tho' I'm not sue for which entry - The "afghan" made *me* snort. And LOL.

*(insofar as a sad-eyed Presidential kitten can be realistic) :-)

iamfelix said...

That was supposed to be "tho' I'm not sure for which entry" - Several of my keys are inop, and the letters have to be inserted with on-screen keyboard.


S. Weasel said...

Don't sell yourself short. Working with that tiny Iowahawk graphic was a pain, and applying an overall filter to make the edits match is an advanced idea.

As for I had to be *so* careful of that when I worked for a corporation that I tried to apply the same standard when I started blogging. That meant everybody else was having fun playing with stolen photos while I was shut out. Finally, I tossed caution to the winds. I thought, with so many targets to choose from, why would the gods of lawsuit come after me?

They will surely come after some blogger some day, though.

iamfelix said...


Re: Selling myself short - I have something of an artistic eye (my mom drew & painted really well, my dad was a frustrated architect & had artistic design chops), but I have basically no imagination. Same with music, love it, can noodle around a bit but could never play my favorite, jazz - same reason, no imagination for improvisation. Same with writing - good vocabulary ... ditto. Ah, someone's gotta be the audience for all this stuff. :-) I get the occasional flash, but one couldn't survive on a bit of creational spark once a decade (or less). The first thing that cemented me to your blog was your artwork - Teh funny is just a (big) plus.

Re: Copyright - I'm funny about that stuff. Don't like to steal other folks' brilliance (or even competence). In the first days of Napster, I occasionally downloaded the random song that simply was not available any other way (since I tend to like the old & odd), but anything I've found available legitimately in the interim, I've purchased. That's why I'm old & broke - MORALS! (she snickers)