Friday, March 20, 2009

President Karaoke

H/T AoSHQ commenter Damiano, who says "Krauthammer is on fire."

It is time for the president to state the obvious: This recession is not caused by excessive executive compensation in government-controlled companies. The economy has been sinking because of a lack of credit, stemming from a general lack of confidence, stemming from the lack of a plan to detoxify the major lending institutions, mainly the banks, which, to paraphrase Willie Sutton, is where the money used to be.

Obama has been strangely passive about this single greatest threat to the country. In his address to Congress and his budget, he's been far more interested in his grand program for reshaping the American social contract in health care, energy and education.

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UPDATE: Damiano again, Britains's Daily Telegraph with "Top 10 Gaffes by Barack Obama & Joe Biden."

Stoaty Weasel and Rachel Lucas have similar thoughts on Prez Karaoke.

Then there's Iowahawk, with "Let's Hear It For The Tards." Lemur King expounds and illustrates.

Reagan/Obama mashup video - Uncanny how every one of Reagan's words can be applied to today.

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