Saturday, December 20, 2008

Q: What's Better Than This?

A: Nothin'.

Cab Calloway & the wonderful Nicholas Brothers, in a clip from the 1943 movie "Stormy Weather."

I should have said the eternally-youthful Cab Calloway. Nearly 40 years later (73 years of age), he was still tearing 'em up with his most famous number in 1980's "The Blues Brothers."

Hi-de-ho, indeed.


Trombonology said...

That descending the staircase thing that the Bros. do is incredible! Ah, such talent ...

Cab hadn't lost a thing in the not quite fifty years since he debuted "Minnie." ... I always loved the white tails – so snazzy.

iamfelix said...

The ascending part is what gets me! Who could leap -- sideways -- up something that was higher than your knees? Amazing. There are a couple of other good Nicholas vids at YouTube.

The extras on the BB DVD said that all were concerned with Cab in rehearsal, as he seemed to be phoning it in and not too interested in doing otherwise. When they had to do it for reals he knocked 'em all (director & co-stars included) back in their seats. I love Belushi & Ackroyd sneaking around outside in step with the music.