Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I Laughed, I Cried,

I damn near choked on my Earl Grey. You have to ask why? Iowahawk, of course. I have to stop reading this at work ... my office mates think I'm having fits.

First, the outrage! over Joe the Plumber having the effrontery to attempt to write ... a ... BOOK!!1!!!11! (that link to Tim Blair, with ample linky goodness to explain the controversy to those who have missed it):

Silly Plumber, Lit Is For Crits

Then (once again with Blair explanatory linkage), that little Illinois Governor flap:

BREAKING: Feds Seize Blagojevich eBay Account

I bow to thee, Iowahawk (and Blair, too).

BONUS! Play a rousing game of "Naaaame That Party!" with AoSHQ. For the lightning round, name who's the next one under the President-Elect bus (with another excellent Slu-shop).

And Carin, at Is This Blog On? muses:

At best, Obama is a dupe who couldn't recognize corruption while he was lying next to it. At worst, he knew and just attempted to make sure he wasn't smeared by it. Not very changy, if you don't care about corruption within your own party. That seems remarkably not-changy.

That's ... samey.

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Anonymous said...

Not-changey, samey, and sort of bereft of all hopey...

I just looked at Cruel Wife a bit ago and said "You know, I think the next four years are going to be really damned surreal. I think it's gonna be like we had a really long pillow-fight and all the pillows were treated with low-grade poison gas."

(I'm safe to be around now - there was the big hullabaloo, hissing, etc, then we got it straightened out and Enas Yorl came by and sang Kumbayah and we had rum-punch. It was nice. Surreal, like that.)