Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Found this test via StrangeRanger (who is in less danger than I am).


john said...

Oh are in danger! You want Maddie and her 74% to come over and do some family counseling with your crew? It'd probably be serious cat-fu training with an emphasis on many sharp pointy claws. Ivy could run the ninja-skillz seminar, as she has the "cloak of inky-shadows" look going on. (save for the milk mustache, of course). The cat-o-sphere will save up $$$ for your and Lair's impending triage.
And TYVM for the link!

iamfelix said...

Oh no! I see Lair & I have the same dreadful score! We're in deep trouble. Maybe Mad & Ivy could come over and get my new youngster in line -- he's 3 months old and a real handful. He's not only driving me crazy, he's got the other 2 kittehs pretty frazzled. He shreds ever bit of paper he can get his claws on, and when he's not making confetti, he spends most of his time leaping at one of us from under or the top of furniture. And he's got that "cloak of inky-shadows" thing going on, too, so it's hard to see him until .... AAAARRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!1!!