Monday, November 10, 2008


Meant to mention this from Michael S. Malone last week, but got too busy. It's old, as they say at AoSHQ, but totally worth it and now has a thoughtful followup.

Also, on the same subject, Treacher (in its entirety):

November 08, 2008


It has been 21 months since Barack Obama announced his candidacy for President of the United States.

It has been four weeks since Joe Wurzelbacher asked Barack Obama about his tax plan.

Which man do you know more about?

The Charlie Rose-Jon Meacham-Evan Thomas WTF? interview.

Funny, they're amazingly aware, now that it's over.

Also, from the fabulous Nice Deb, The Most Clueless Headline of 2008.

One guy with a clue, from Peter Hitchens/UK Daily Mail online: The night we waved goodbye to America ... our last best hope on Earth.


(image from I Can Has Cheezburger)

UPDATE: This WTF moment brought to you by protein wisdom.

ONE MORE: Found this at Doubleplusundead, "You Stay Classy, NYT" -- and it's already changed!

First: Obama Will Visit Bush, Watching Out for
Tacks on Chairs in Oval Office

Now: A Visit Both Historic and Perhaps Awkward

ANOTHER!: From Nice Deb -- "Poor Bill Ayers. He was quite taken aback by the fact that people were appalled by his past words and actions."

AND YET ANOTHER: From Treacher (first link from AoSHQ, for background): From The 52 IQs To The 49th State -- Sorry, Sarah Palin! (Artwork by Batton Lash).

ANOTHER: (Stop posting, people, I can't keep up) IMAO -- United States?

LAST ONE: Snark Patrol says "Time To Hibernate."

W... T... F...

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