Friday, September 19, 2008

No Time For The Old In-Out, Luv, I've Just Come To Read The Meter

Iowahawk: Clockwork O-Rage.


Anonymous said...

The Clockwork O-Rage link seems to have died. Oh dear.

Speakin' of rage, felix, sorry about my obnoxiousness towards pirate-day-oriented folks earlier. I had a few too many people "arrrr" in my ear and inbox and went section-7 (too lazy to go section-8).

I'm all better now, see? :)

iamfelix said...

Not to worry, LK ... we all have those days. Nobody arrred at me - I don't think folk at The General pay attention to such silliness (except myself, of course). Since I work second shift, maybe everyone got it out of their systems before they came to work???

Iowahawk's link seems to be working now, as well.