Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Dear Media

Laurence Simon has a message to the electronic media:

Dear Television and Radio Stations,

Unless you're running for office yourselves, please point your cameras and microphones at the stage, sit down, and shut the fuck up.

Read the rest here. Ha!

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Anonymous said...

Hear hear, 'felix!

Man am I tired of reporters. I watched an old broadcast of Walter Cronkite from the Cuban Missile Crisis a while back. What was glaringly apparent was the factual reporting without him trying to project his interpretation onto the audience.

Nowadays it is as if all newspaper reporters and talking heads want to have their own blog on the airwaves. Good luck reading a news article in the paper that gives you who/what/where/when/why in a straightforward telling of the facts. Instead every article is either slanted or written for flair/pizzaz hoping to get that journalistic award.

No wonder people are tuning them out when there are so many real internet places to get facts - with as much or as little personal shite thrown in.

Whoops. Went off there. Sorry.