Friday, June 27, 2008

Just Plain Funny

This, at IMAO.



Anonymous said...

"Cruor Tyrannis Dolor Mortis Atrocitas Miseria - Beloved man of the people"

That doesn't translate one for one. Or was that the point? Word for word...

bloody tyrant grief atrocious misery.

Hmmmm. :)

I don't believe that it's all that bad, however.

The miserable atrocious tyrant of blood and tears?

In an election year like this, we are going to be left wondering afterwards: Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? That's my personal favorite latin right after "Ultima ratio regum."

Help me. I'm babbling and can't stop!

Anonymous said...

Whups. Forgot "death" in there. Rats.

iamfelix said...

I still regret not taking Latin in HS. I'm not sure they even teach it any more (at my old school) -- think they ditched it right after I graduated. I took 2 years of French & 2 of German, and remember little German and only a smattering of French. You see a lot more French phrases in lit. & news stuff, so I didn't get totally rusty. But I'm sure I'm not fluent enough for Barry O'Bama!