Tuesday, March 18, 2008

"In Just What Context Does 'God Damn America' Mean Something Different?"

Thomas Sowell on The Obamessiah:

Double Life of Barack Obama

There is something both poignant and galling about the candidacy of Barack Obama.

Any American, regardless of party or race, has to find it heartening that the country has reached the point where a black candidate for president of the United States sweeps so many primaries in states where the overwhelming majority of the population is white.

We have all seen the crowds enthralled by Barack Obama’s rhetoric and theatrical style.

Many of his supporters put their money where their mouths were, so that this recently arrived senator received more millions of dollars in donations than candidates who have been far more visible on the national stage for far more years.

That’s the good news. The bad news is that Barack Obama has been leading as much of a double life as Eliot Spitzer.

Read the rest here. Jeez, I'd *so* gladly vote for Sowell ....

Mark Steyn on the same subject here. And just one more from Rich Lowry.

LATER: From Sweetness & Light, Barack Obama - On Meeting Mister Wright and Obama’s Church Re-Writes Its Mission Page.

EVEN LATER: One more from Frank J. at IMAO.

AND LATER STILL: From Kate at Small Dead Animals:

So, he's shuffled from "he doesn't exist" to "I didn't hear him" to "I didn't agree" to "my white grandmother was racist, too, and look how I turned out."

Perhaps Obama doesn't two-step so much as he slithers.

The rest here.

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