Thursday, February 28, 2008

Very Fluffy

My *extremely* fluffy kitty, Maxine. This is her winter coat, which starts growing in early September. She begins to shed it right after Christmas, with the worst of the shedding coming right about now. We are awash in Maxine-fur .... She weighs a mere 8.5 pounds; by my calculations (considering the detritus on my floor/furniture/walls, etc.) only about 1.5 lb. of that is actual CAT. She gets horrible mats and refuses to let me brush her.

More cat-blogging: Stoaty Weasel diagrams "Permissable dual-cat configurations."


S. Weasel said...

Good lord! That's not a cat, that's a bear! No wonder she won't let you brush her; you're lucky she didn't take your arm off!

iamfelix said...

:-) I *do* call her "my little bear"! If it wasn't for the fluffy tail, she'd look just like a cub. Her mats are dreadful, and in another month will be peeling away from her (very pale gray!) skin in a manner that makes me squirm. I have never seen such thick fur on any animal. She has a super-kinky undercoat in the winter and that's most of what sheds out. She was my first long-haired cat, and I'll never get another! (but I'll never get rid of her).

She's actually pretty meek and mild, 'specially for a rescue cat from the wilds. She's rather shy, though, and not at all into up-picking. I've finally (over the course of 6 years) gotten her to the point where I can hold her for m-a-y-b-e a minute. Then she plants her little foot on my chest and starts pushing away, just like the cat that Pepe LePew was always romancing. I tell her, "Aw, don't be Penelope with your mother," but it doesn't help. She doesn't like to be restrained in any way. The only time she gets mad at her brother is when he jumps on her, but even then she only hisses a bit and runs away. She's fairly silent -- barely even meows, just some tiny squeaks & chirps.

S. Weasel said...

Charlotte was feral. She was about three months old when I snagged her in a squirrel trap baited with tuna. Up until then, she had been living in my garage slowly starving. She grew up into a sweet, shy cat...but definitely not into up-picking.