Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Two New Finds

The Temple Theater, Detroit, MI (date unknown)

I love this site (but have barely looked into it):

America as it Was: A Tour of the USA in Vintage Postcards

It combines two of my favorite things - architecture and old postcards. I found it through a link at this site: Pure Gum Spirits. It's the blog of a Chicago painter, with some nifty original paintings and photography. A couple of his works reminded me of a painting that's a favorite of mine, Gustave Caillebotte's (French, 1848-1894) "Paris Street; Rainy Day." The original is at The Art Institute of Chicago. I might have to go pay it a visit!

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Cobalt Blue said...

Thanks for the link, Felix. I love those old photo sites--the Library of Congress has a huge on-line photo archive, for example.

I can tell you like cats . . .