Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Looney Fun

"What's Opera, Doc?" (1957)

Even that still image cracks me up completely. The beleaguered Mr. Fudd, the deceptively pliant Mr. Bunny ... I adored them as a kid and still do. Before I started my "going to the opera" kick, I always said that I knew opera only in reference to Looney Tunes and commercials (and knew quite a few arias/themes, thanks to those sources).

Bugs and crew were also the place I became familiar with a lot of American pop tunes - usually crooned by Bugs (via the superb Mel Blanc). CityRag posts links to videos of the "50 Greatest Cartoons," as voted by members of the animation industry in 1994. I stumbled onto this treasure trove by way of "Word Around the Net." Go visit them both and laugh yourself silly!

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