Saturday, December 02, 2006

Gian Carlo

For those like me who have and love Siamese cats (or fans of cats in general), here is a lovely story.

From the website:

"Gian Carlo" was originally published by Valkyrie Press in 1975. A historian tells the fictional story of a Siamese cat whom he named Gian Carlo after a certain saintly Italian youth, long since deceased. Gian Carlo the cat was a creature with a bigger-than-life personality, flamboyant and spectacular, elite and swash-buckling in every way. His friendship with his master's daughter and with the Machiavellian crow, Prince Rupert, give rise to some of the most moving episodes in all cat literature.

Enigmatically he appeared to the world in a small hill-town in Italy and--just as enigmatically--he disappeared into the deserts of New Mexico. Perhaps indeed he is still alive. Certainly he was deified by the Indians of Taos.

Written with superb technique and craftsmanship, this is a book no reader could possibly put down. The book was illustrated by one of our fine American artists, Robert Hodgell.

The book has been out of print for some time, but is reproduced (with illustrations) on the website.

Discovered via The Conservative Cat - Thanks, Ferdy!

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