Thursday, October 12, 2006

Jazz Cats

Come on, you can see
the resemblance, can't you?

A while back, I started naming my kittycats after jazz singers/musicians. I began with Ella Fitzgerald M*, who is no longer with me. The real Ella is my favorite female singer. I currently have 3 cats: The elder statesman is Felix, a 15 year-old Siamese that I had before the jazz-mad craze began. Then comes Maxine, an approximately 6 year-old black Persian mix that I rescued from my work and named after singer Maxine Sullivan. The baby of the group is Fletcher Henderson M*, another seal point Siamese, almost 4 years old. When I first saw him, his little moue reminded me of the the above picture of Mr. Henderson. No, really!

The Fletcher Henderson Orchestra, performing his own composition/arrangement of one of my all-time favorite instrumental numbers:

Down South Camp Meeting

Maxine Sullivan:

When Your Lover Has Gone

I wish I could find a postable link to my favorite Maxine number, Irving Berlin's "Blue Skies." Some of you may have heard it fairly recently as the background music on an HP commercial.

I will do some more pictures of my kitties when I finally break down and buy a camera.


Anonymous said...

Feline Fletcher is a ringer for the original. ... but how are his big band orchestrations?

Love DOWN SOUTH CAMP MEETING; one of the greatest by one of the greatest!

iamfelix said...

Orchestrations not so great, unfortunately, but his solo singing is ... well, it's LOUD, anyway. :-)